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There are some odd verses in the Bible. I recently came across this one and decided it was one of my favorites (and it even occurs twice!).

It stood upon twelve oxen, three looking toward the north, and three looking toward the west, and three looking toward the south, and three looking toward the east: and the sea was set above upon them, and all their hinder parts were inward.
1 Kings 7:25 & 2 Chronicles 4:4

You’d think that last part about the orientation of the oxen would go without saying. But can you imagine what it would’ve looked like if there heads had been inward instead?

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  1. Brett says:

    You know there’s a story to everything. I believe that’s probably how the thing was originally built, with their heads inward. Then Solomon came in and said, “uh, guys? Not funny. I’m going to go consult with the lawyers about how I can make my instructions more explicit, and you stop being smart A’s and get back to work.” :brett:


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