Elementary Valentine’s Day

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First, let me get this out of the way.

Now, on to the other stuff.

Elementary school has to be one of the best places to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You get to make a cool envelope for your valentines. You get valentines from everyone, including that cute boy/girl you’ve been having a kid crush on (I always hope that the little red headed girl gave valentines to her whole class, including Charlie Brown). There’s no pressure for presents or having someone special. It’s all candy and paper hearts. That’s the way to celebrate.

Technically I am in an elementary school again now. On Thursdays I go out to an elementary school where a cohort of elementary ed. students are taking their classes and I teach them. It’s really great, highlight of my week. Today they were having a Valentine’s pot luck during their lunch break. They decorated the room and made their envelopes during their lunch break last week. Unfortunately I had meetings and office hours on campus during that time, but I did take the opportunity to make some cupcakes for them, using my brand new baking pan.

Mitali was a real sweetheart and sent me this sweetheart rose pan because I guessed the pie chart flags on her blog. I seriously spent about 20 minutes going through the “flag” page on wikipedia trying to figure out those last two. I was expecting a small prize, so the big box really threw me. But it’s wonderful. I’m already thinking of other things I could make in the shape of rose buds.

I took in two plates like this:

and made little cards that wished my “budding” teachers a happy Valentine’s, because I’m just clever like that. :apple:

Brett and I are celebrating later in the week. It just makes more sense. A crowded noisy restaurant is just not that romantic. Plus I’ve seen 1 dozen roses that were selling for $10 last week anywhere from $15-$18 today.

2 shared thoughts about Elementary Valentine’s Day

  1. Mom says:

    the cupcakes look wonderful :love:

  2. Mitali says:

    I’m *so* glad that you got the pan, and that the roses turned out (I :heart: Nordic Ware). And I hope that you and Brett enjoy your later-in-the-week date. I agree, it *does* make more sense. We always wait and buy the sale chocolates. 😀


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