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Books I’m reading. Books I want to read. Books I’ve read.

News making me think

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Some recent news stories that made me think, some more deeply than others. Keep reading

Books. Measles. Enjoyment.

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What do books, measles, and enjoyment have in common? Not much except I’ve read some interesting things about all of them recently. Keep reading

Smart kid

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None of the five things to help give kids a leg up in education requires a lot of money or materials. They just require a little bit of time and a tiny bit of know-how. Keep reading


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Doing vocabulary assignments in school always took me forever because I always got distracted by all the other real cool words in the dictionary. One word I learned recently is “philology.” I should use it more in my life. Keep reading

They caught my attention

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Connection between music and language/reading. Old funny photos. Astronomy and vision. Strange science. Mindful challah for Rosh Hashana. Keep reading

Reading to Iddo

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We love reading to Iddo. She loves turning pages. She’s trying to be a speed reader and flips through the books real fast. One of my favorite things to watch her do is when she sits down next to her books and pulls them all out in a big stack on and around her lap and goes through them. Keep reading

Math and technology items

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Three times now I have brought up string theory and quantum physics in small talk at parties. Only once did it go over well. The other two times resulted in a mix of blank stare plus confusion. Perhaps I could talk about these topics? Keep reading