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How to Expect the Unexpected

Categories: Family, Happy Things, Infertility

When last we left our “how to” series (“How to Make a Baby” and “How to Make a Sibling (or two)”) I thought we’d written the final chapter and sent it to press. Turns out I was wrong. God had a very exciting epilogue he wanted to write. An epilogue we didn’t find out about until it was well on its way to the printer. But that’s part of the story. And I’m getting ahead of myself. So here’s what we believe is the exciting conclusion with the wonderfully unexpected. Keep reading

There’s still hope for the rest of us

Categories: Life

The morning of September 11, 2001 I taught fourth graders in Mexico about really big numbers while I was hearing updates about something bigger than I could imagine happening in the United States. Updates about fear, hate, devastation, and death. … The afternoon of June 23, 2017 I sat on our couch reading the news of the world and all the crappy things going on around. Devastation. War. Corruption. Hate. Violence. There was a lot of bad going on in the world that day. Just like there is any other day you read the news. Keep reading