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This summer we took a big road trip that took us on a one day tour of Yellowstone. We saw Yellowstone lake, Fishing Bridge, the falls, geysers, especially Old Faithful, mud pots, bison, an elk, a bear, and snow.

As we walked around the geysers and mud pots I didn’t want to take any chance of Iddo wandering too far or getting pushed off the path by someone who didn’t realize there was a small human next to them because that can kill a person there. So I put her up on my back in a baby carrier and she watched it all over my shoulder. Shimri and Shimei saw the sights from our double stroller (and were carried sedan chair style by Dad and Grandpa at the stairs).

2016-06-09 16.16.47 IMG_0160

As we left the parking lot to look at the geysers a bus of Asian tourists also arrived to see the sights. Until that moment I had not realized we were one of the sights.

What seemed like the entire bus-full of people swarmed around us, smiling, taking pictures, handing their phones to their friends so they could stand next to me and get their picture taken with us, saying what I assume were compliments in a language I don’t understand.

We were paparazzi-ed in Yellowstone!

I can’t help but wonder what all those people are going to do with the photos of our kids. Will they put them in their scrapbook? And what about the old grandma at the children’s museum who took a picture of my kids? Is she going to show it to her friends and tell them that these two strangers are cuter than their grandkids? It’s just weird to think of our kids being in someone else’s travel scrapbook.

The bus of Spanish-speaking tourists that arrived as we were leaving the geyser area didn’t swarm Brett to get photos of the twins.

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  1. Brett says:

    What they were really saying was, “hey, I bet we could say anything and this woman would think we’re giving her a compliment.” :brett:

  2. Giggle

    Americans are pretty novel and exciting in some places in Japan too, especially American kids.

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