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In another two months Brett and I will have known each other for ten years. Two weeks ago we celebrated our sixth anniversary.

Brett inspires me. He complements me. He challenges me. He supports me. He gets me. He encourages me.

He is the best father my children could want and watching him step into the role has been like watching a (galactic) duck take to water – he’s a natural.

He is my greatest blessing and I thank God daily that he is in my life.


4 shared thoughts about Brett

  1. Brett says:

    Thank you, Sweetheart. I love you! :brett:

  2. Denicend says:

    You are the perfect wife for him. I am certain that you inspire him also.

  3. HeidiAphrodite says:

    It’s people like Brett that have raised the bar really high for me. I’m grateful for him, too!

  4. Giggle

    Cheers to finding the perfect spouse!


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