Tragedy! (and then it got better)

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While we dealt with no heat and hot water on Thursday and Friday, there was another tragedy of modern proportions at our house, my lap top had crashed! The horror! 😯

It crashed while we were eating dinner on the 24th. It was fine when I left it to go prepare tacos so we could watch Chuck. After Chuck was over my computer wouldn’t boot. Sad day. Very sad. 😥

I took it in to be repaired the very next day (and bought kitchen chairs) and they told me it would generally take 5-7 days. I had high hopes I’d still be able to get all of my data off it. Luck for me my brother-in-law had introduced me to Drop Box and the files I desperately needed in the meantime were safely sitting there and I could access them from any computer with an internet connection. There were a few files I hadn’t backed up and didn’t put in Drop Box though that would be wonderful if I could get back, I’ll know better next time.

:apple: To make things difficult, I need my lap top to teach with on Thursdays. We went old school on the 27th and used the white board (there was a chalk board too I could’ve used, but it would’ve required moving the tables in front of it). And I crossed my fingers I’d have it back before class on the 3rd.

I called on the 29th and they hadn’t started diagnosing it. Still hoping I could pick it up before the 3rd. They called me on the 1st and told me the hard drive was dead and they were going to start transfering my files (yea!) to a new one and make sure that worked. I called Thursday morning to see if I could come pick it up already. Nope. So I winged it teaching on Thursday as well.

:computer: Today. Today they called and said it was ready and I could come pick it up. And now it’s back home with me and I’m typing this post on it at our kitchen table (with above mentioned new kitchen chairs). They gave me my old hard drive back so that I know that my data is not just out there somewhere. I mentioned making a coaster out of it and the guy said I could do some kind of ornament. Don’t even tempt me. We have ornaments made from old CD-Roms on our Christmas tree. I will do it.

So the lesson learned is back-up your files (seriously, get Drop Box! (and use that link and we both get free space)). And know how to wing it.

And now I can show Grover again in my classes. 😀 (I can’t really do this justice on a white board.)

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