Let them make cake!

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A friend of mine put together a night of learning how to decorate cakes. The initial questions were if we knew how to make a cake then dirty ice and finish ice it and if we knew how to use fondant or gum paste. I replied by saying I knew how to eat cake. Seems like a good place to start for me.

So I pulled out the recipe book and made a pound cake from scratch! That’s a first. To keep room in the freezer we were asked to make smaller cakes if we could, so I used my Pyrex storage dishes to get a six inch diameter cake. And I iced it before I went.

We practiced on wax paper doing different shapes and things with different techniques, and then it was time to pull out the cakes. I’d seen in the Wilton book she had under “flowers” where they showed how to make a saguaro cactus. :cactus: We live in Tucson, so I figured that would be perfect. But then that was real fast so I tried some prickly pear as well. And this is what I ended up with! (pardon the smudge on the plate, I got it home oh so carefully and then bumped it on the steering wheel when I was getting out of the car)

I think I might have a future in cactus cakes! 🙂

5 shared thoughts about Let them make cake!

  1. Brett says:

    If anyone has a future in cactus cakes, it’s you, sweetheart :brett:

  2. canofjam says:

    YAY! You posted pictures!!

  3. Mitali says:

    Extremely, extremely impressive. :cactus:


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