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Nicknames have rarely stuck with me. My name isn’t one that can be shortened so there isn’t a natural nickname to associate with it so I never really had a nickname as a child. There were a few boys in elementary school who tried to nickname me Smiley, I believe as an insult based on tone, but it never stuck. Probably because they were trying to annoy me with it and I thought it was fitting so they gave it up.

When I graduated from college and started teaching I felt like I wished there was a ceremony or something in my culture that gave a new name to people when they reached a new stage in life to acknowledge the change, but I didn’t have a name I could change to. And then my students happened. My 5th graders the first year I taught nicknamed me Miss Giggles about half way through the year and I decided there are a lot worse names that students can come up with so I grabbed onto that one and ran with it. The second year I taught I introduced myself to the students and told them they could all call me Miss Giggles if they wanted. Within a year or two most of the younger grades didn’t know my real name, a lot of the teachers referred to me as Miss Giggles, and even the principal called me Miss Giggles a time or two.

The only other nickname I can claim is Princess Eilonwy. When I started getting involved in online forums I used the name “Eilonwy” from The Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander as my screen name. It’s the name I was using in the online dating site when Brett and I met so it’s the first name he knew me as. When it’s just the two of us he often still calls me Princess because of that. So it’s not a widely used nickname, but it’s one that means a lot to me.

I don’t anticipate getting any new nicknames as my life progresses. But then you never know.

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  1. Grandma says:
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    Miss Giggle3s is an adorable name for you.

  2. 1 person giggled

    I love my family nickname – Panda. I don’t mind telling people about my love for pandas and my nickname that started it. But it’s weird when people not in my family use it. It’s even a little strange sometimes when Blake uses it, but not as weird as coworkers (which has happened). I went by Bubbles throughout high school, thanks to a field trip nickname in ninth grade that stuck. So much so that I made sure it was included with my real name on the ballot for junior class officer and it’s inscribed in my class ring. Sometimes I’d run into people after high school and they wouldn’t remember who I was until I said Bubbles. Stretch was my self given nickname in college for my screen name, and I like that it stuck and that there are a few people out there who probably think of that name when they think of me.


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