Ishi and Shiphi

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On Thursdays this month I expressed my gratitude for each of the people in my family here in this life. I described what they are like as a way to introduce them. But there are two more members of our family. I can’t describe them to you the same way I can the other members of our family as I only know their hearts. But that is the most important part of a person, so it is enough.

Both left our family 2 months into their pregnancies.

Ishi was our very first pregnancy and we were over the moon excited to finally be pregnant. Losing him, and we know he was our son, was one of the absolute hardest things I have ever done. But he left us hope. Without him I don’t know that we would’ve pressed on long enough to get to the retrival that gave us the three children we have now. I am grateful for his hope.

Shimri and Shimei started as triplets with Shiphi. We suspect he was a boy, it was never confirmed. He gave us a lot of excitement while he was here as we imagined the possibilities and he reminded us to hold on to what we have when he left. I am grateful for the lessons he taught me.

They were small bumps that brought me life.

2 shared thoughts about Ishi and Shiphi

  1. Brett says:

    Poignant song. I hadn’t heard it before. :brett:

  2. Giggle

    Beautiful song. I hope you get to raise Ishi and Shiphi in the next life, as I think you will.


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