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Last Thursday afternoon there was a partial solar eclipse in the US. Because for some reason we still have our 2-year-old Cheerio box turned pin hole viewer I sent that to work with Brett and then set up the binoculars in the backyard for Iddo and me. Keep reading

I don’t do that… yet.

Categories: Life

My in-laws are under the mistaken impression that because I belly dance, bake bread, knit, and sew, that I do everything. Earlier this year they asked me if there was anything I didn’t do. Five minutes later I remembered I don’t crochet. Keep reading

Plates or Pyramids?

Categories: Health

Back when I was growing up, food came in a pyramid. That made sense to me. Now they’ve got this plate thing though. But I don’t always eat a plate of food. Keep reading

11 Years Old!

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Eleven years ago this afternoon I purchased my domain name,, and put up a few web pages of a website. I started it with two purposes – give my mom a way to keep up with what I was doing, and run a campaign to be a calendar girl for a theater group. Keep reading

Let’s play!

Categories: Education, Exercise

I remember way back when we had a morning recess, an afternoon recess, an hour for lunch, and weekly PE. … So it’s been with no surprise that I’ve read a recent string of articles on the internet about how study after study is showing how important and beneficial play and movement are, and not just for children either. Keep reading

They left us hope

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The 15th of October is specifically designated as National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. In honor of the millions of children whose hearts stopped too soon, please join with us in participating in the International Wave of Light. Wherever you are, at 7:00pm, light a candle and leave it burning for an hour. Keep reading

Shoes! Go!

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If you’ve ever watched a toddler walk in shoes with stiff soles, or even ones that claim to be flexible, you’ve seen that they look as awkward as when you first put shoes on a dog. Keep reading