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I saw “A Bug’s Life” in the theater and almost looked in to what kind of degree I’d need to work for Pixar. I love watching the behind the scenes features and commentaries on Pixar DVDs, almost more than the movie sometimes. They really get into their movie research – driving route 66 for “Cars” and learning to scuba for “Finding Nemo” for example.

Monsters University” came out one week after our theater going days were put on temporary hold (babies will do that) so I haven’t seen it yet. But I love this clip about what they did to help get into the spirit for the movie.

In my next career I want to work for Pixar.

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  1. mama g says:

    I was never sure what I wanted to be when I grew up because I’ve always thought I was a child at heart. But now that I’m a Grandma I’m glad I’m growing up because that’s what I love being. A Grandma.


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